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The Hashtags: #BossFree #JourneyToFree

We know there are a lot of women out there who are unhappy or dissatisfied with life and want so badly to go after their dreams—so what's the hold up?


Your inner female entrepreneur is just waiting to break free. Whether you want to get unstuck and get moving in a new direction or are looking for a place to expand your feminine energy, welcome to #BossFree TV! 

We're more than a hashtag and there's more to life than 9 to 5. Ready to get unstuck and get moving in a new direction? Welcome to #BossFree TV!

The Idea: Empowering women to create freedom

Boss Free women are creating the life they want to live, doing what they love, without a 9 to 5. In the Boss Free Community, we're empowering ourselves to create a life that brings freedom & fulfillment. We focus on mind, body, and spirit as we journey to freedom, happiness, and abundance. 

We believe that creating a lifestyle of freedom leads to a more fulfilling life.

The Vibe

The vibe around here is pretty awesome. It's positive, supportive, uplifting, freeing, spiritual and VERY motivating. It gets REAL in here! There's nothing we can't do and we know it. We hope to build a community of emerging and visible women who are ready to make their mark and enjoy life in a new way.

BossFree.tv Creator

Boss Free TV was created and is produced by Wanauma Graham - a creative entrepreneur, minimalist web designer, and author based in Dallas, TX. Call her a Girl Boss or a Boss Babe, she's doing life her way.


Boss Free TV is a social-based learning platform centered around building a community of women who value freedom and financial independence. We share experiences, ideas, and know-how for creating our own opportunities and pathways to success.

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